Grab your shoulder pads, neon pink clothes, laser beam sunglasses, and VHS player because we gotta motor to the arcades to play a totally radical game called Clawface and it’s totally bitchin man.


Developed by Hathos Interactive, Clawface is a twin-stick shoot game that revolves around surviving on waves of enemies coming after you in a variety of ways: shooters, to even suicidal bomber that leaves shockwaves and giant octopuses. It is certainly as straightforward as they come. You can pick 2 out of the 6 weapons available, opening enough room for different combinations. Weapons range from simple rapid firing blasters, slow piercing waves to even a gun that can fire blades that ricochet around the area. It’s certainly enjoyable to mix and match weapon.


It’s not a party unless showered in the blood of your enemies


On top of this movement, you also have a health system that you can easily regain by eating stunned enemies…with a claw… that comes from your face. I don’t know why, but something tells me that it might have influenced the name choice. But, if you’re playing on hard then the health doesn’t matter as you’ll die in a single hit. Clawface has a level editor as well, allowing you to create your own map, waves, and how the area will transform with each wave. You can raise and lower parts of the map, choose spawn locations, even how many spawn at once in the area. After you’re done with that, you can then share it. However, with fair warning, the level editor is still in beta.


All of this wrapped in the wonderful 80s aesthetic with enjoyable music to match. The enemies in it of themselves are certainly odd disgusting creatures all blended together. It’s disgusting, and I love it. All while they’re being killed by Keira, this adorable looking robot.


Is it me or do we really have some weird love for murderous things that look adorable?


However, the only complaint I have about this is that the visuals seem to be a bit too bright, to the point where I can only really play, at the most, 30 minutes. Something that is rare to happen for me personally. Besides that, another problem could be since that could be that since it seems like the game is focused on community-created levels, it might not have a lot at the moment due it just being recently released.


A simple game with a theme that makes me want to buy a DeLorean. Well built and the fact it is free makes it easier to really give it a shot. No cons just pros.

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