With games nowadays, we all aim to see for those nice clean and crisp graphics or that retro pixel style game and Abyss Crawlers Plus… doesn’t fit into between those two categories. Instead, you get a roguelike game that reminds you of the old days of Flash games you played in your school while using that old proxy site to get past the blocks.

Developed by Yaneura Games, Abyss Crawlers Plus sets you in the future where humanity is forced to live underground as pollution took over the world. You play a girl named Lily, armed with a gun and sword you head out on a mission of clearing out tunnels to help your people out.


As stated before this is a platform roguelike gaming being combined with a sword and gun with a 4-way directional shooting. Paths are randomly generating and must be completed by finding a key all while in everything in barely lit. Enemies are extremely difficult to handle at first because they usually are the ones that come to you not the other way and it is nice and a bit terrifying experience. Some even take more damage depending on which weapon you use. However, it is more difficult when more than 2 are coming after as then you’re fighting off melee enemies while being attacked by ranged enemies and if you’re in a tunnel then good luck to you on that.


Or just attacked on both sides, either way, you’re screwed.


Along the paths there are humans scattered about, some willing to upgrade your weapons, provide ammunition, health, or even need to be rescued. There are small pickups as well, like one-hit shields and even a robot you can use to spam gunfire that can walk over spikes. After descending a few levels, you’ll come across a boss in which defeating them, saves your progress in the paths that follow. Which is a well earned right in my opinion but equally terrifying and stressful since it is already difficult to get to make your way to the boss.

The game’s only forgiving options are you can break blocks to can help you make quick shortcuts/getaways. You’re also able to go back to the hub world whenever you want. In there you have a small town with not much to do in it besides purchasing bombs or upgrading skills with gold you find in your travels.


If you grew up in the era of playing flash games on your computer then the game’s look will remind you a lot of the good old days, feeling a bit nostalgic with the hand-drawn sprites. However, if you didn’t grow up in those times then it might look a bit off putting but they look nice to be often. At the same time, some of the character portraits look a bit poorly drawn, like her father.

There is a small problem I have with this game’s graphics and design. Lily’s portrait doesn’t react to any damage taken and when first playing the game, if Lily gets caught by enemies, at first glance it looks…sexual. I sat there the first time and when I broke free out of panic I sat there wide-eyed for a moment, going ‘Wait, hold on, tell me I just didn’t see this girl get violated’ and I just had to purposely take a death in seeing if I what I saw was real. I don’t mind it, but I’m sure some people would be pretty upset.


I think I’m going to jail…


The music fits the tone and not being overbearing. It suits more as ambient noise than being a soundtrack. Sword and gun effects are solid.


Despite its appearance, Abyss Crawler Plus is a really well done. And to be a bit honest, I was hoping for this to be a game to just make fun of. However, in the end, I had to put my money where my mouth was because how invested I was getting and determined to beat each level the more accustomed I got to the controls. It’s a ‘don’t judge a book by its cover’ type of game.

I hope there is more to be done and added to this game such as maybe new weapons or more abilities to tamper with. Along with fixing some minor issues such being unable to pick up items/rescue people while in the robot and the camera movement a bit.

Edit: The Dev did update these fixes very well.

Abyss Crawler Plus is out on Steam right now if you’re interested in downloading it. Also, if you would like to follow me, I have a Facebook and Twitter where I post new reviews. If you like what I do and want to support me, you can buy me a cup of coffee tea or help out monthly through Patreon.