Created by Ready at Dawn and published by Sony Computer Entertainment, enters a game with what has to be the best story out there that holds some issues, The Order 1886. No Man’s Sky is a good game. Brink was a fun FPS. But The Order 1886, holds nothing to these games with what it pulls on its players.

Gameplay: It Isn’t the Best but It Suffices

Focusing on a third person over the shoulder combat, The Order 1886 uses mainly weapons as their primary tools. Each gun varying from automatic pistols to fricking giant tesla coils shooting lighting each have their own feel, look, and some even have special tools.It’s refreshing to fire a gun in 3rd person and they actually require some skill to use, something The Division should have looked at.

The quick time is of course not the best thing in the game but they give a lot of time to respond and even give little twists such as having to actually move the camera for aiming with some options in them as well. Integrating small bag of variations: lockpicking, investigating items, and a wee bit of puzzles. Might I also add, enemy AI system can be intelligent and brutal.

However, there is no such thing as good, the game’s mechanics can feel clunky. The cover system becomes a nuisance when you need to move around under heavy fights as you realize you can’t do a simple thing like moving around the corner. Enemies can hit you even in cover at times. All while a camera that doesn’t give a lot to see can cause you to restart because you’re not able to see several enemies coming from the side even when you’re in an open area.

Aesthetics: Is This a Movie?

It’s that good. I am holding this game as the game for how graphics need to be (until I enter the 4k scene). The amount of work Ready at Dawn. I can only imagine how gorgeous it would turn out if they made it with the intent of 4K. Detail is put into everything, from clothing to buildings, it’s all fleshed out and well done and while we’re not locked in for 60FPS but only 30, to bury in so much detail and not a single drop in frames is just well done. It truly shows the power and strength the first model of the PS4 has.

Ready at Dawn definitely abused and used the PS4 in all aspects. A UI that disappears and never shows itself until combat occurs holds the game in its cinematic feel. Animations are as realistic as can be. Seriously, just give me a movie instead of the game.

Story: Et tu Brutus?

The story is set in a steampunk victorian London times has you follow a character named Galahad as you work with The Order, knights that serve the round table in battling supernatural beings and the sudden appearance of rebels. The game is cinematic heavy that incorporates quick time events and some decent third person combat. While players will be stuck wanting to have enjoyed this as a movie or a game with more flexibility it held me for a good few nights of gaming… or so it did!

The ending to this game has been the biggest slaps to the face I have ever felt. Throughout the game, you serve to protect and help The Order keep, well, order and as everything builds and stacks on top of each other, you are really craving every conflict to end. Everything you worked for, every piece of information you gathered, every fight you entered, all of it to hit a beautiful resolve that slaps you across the face with no remorse. It seems they wanted to create a sequel but with how poor the reviews did it wouldn’t be a surprise if they didn’t.

It wasn’t a bad game and I am being honest about that. The only thing that held me in was the story, a story so well written with (and let’s be honest here) the graphics being pushed to their limits to really draw players into the story and world. Newspapers, archives, and photos being left around chapters for you to take in and really feel the world alive. Yet out of everything, they had to end it in the most unsatisfying manner. Nothing has been resolved, a pretty cheap twist on top of that with nothing else to lock things in.

People complain that game/story time was short but it is so well executed that dragging it out would have really killed the game. The mechanics were not the best but they were playable and enjoyable with the story being the real reason you played this game till the end. However, that end was bitter and made me saltier than people did about No Man’s Sky (still a good game).