Winter is coming up and everyone is getting to take advantages of going up to mountains and having fun while others turn their streets into snow parks. If you don’t like the cold but want to have all the fun, then could Steep be the game for you?

Don’t Expect an Epic

The plot is the usual thing in these extreme sports game, you’re trying to become famous/pro. It’s nothing new but what disappoints me about this how you’re not playing your own character. You’re playing as already known professionals, so it really removes a lot of motivation in the game. Leveling up is great, you’re not required to only complete challenges to move forward. The only downside about this is when your buddy over the radio praises you each time you level up when all you’ve been doing is hanging around a half pipe. Although, the game does have some weird moments that I don’t want to ruin.

How Do You do the Moving?! How do you do dem Controls!?

The game has four styles to play off of. There is snowboarding, skiing, paragliding, and wingsuit. Paragliding is the worst because it’s ‘fun’ wiggling your analog stick back and forth to do a loop and taking ages to reach your destinations. It is a sightseeing, it’s nice if you want to relax but that’s all. All styles use the same controls, the left stick for speed and movement, while the right stick is used for either braking or dodging depending on the style you use. Sometimes they incorporate the R2 button for stunts. While switching between modes is easy,  I would have preferred a directional button input over holding R1 and waiting for the menu to pop up.

Controls are smooth and easy to use, but I suggest removing a ‘safety’ feature that prevents you from doing vertical tricks if you do not have enough height. I don’t suggest walking in this game for a couple of reasons. 1) It is a sports game. 2) It is the slowest form of traveling even if you’re holding the sprint button. I don’t see the point of a sprint button, they should have made you naturally sprint with how difficult the snow makes it for you to maneuver.

Resetting and accessing the map are extremely convenient while operating the map is the worst navigation ever. It feels very heavy and unresponsive at times. However, accessing the start menu or map resets you on where you first started on your trail and that isn’t cool. Things loading on the menu are very slowly and don’t like to preview any items you want to check before purchasing or changing.

Insert the ‘I love Cocaine’ Bear.

Graphics wise, the game is almost stunning. Snow looks great and powdery when it is kicked up. Day and Evening look so beautiful and really hits you with a ‘Damn, the sun is going down already?’ feeling when you realize the time of day changed. Motion blur isn’t annoying but the camera angle is. The game doesn’t allow you to change the distance of the camera which is bothersome when you’re in crowded areas. Your body is blocking a good part of the screen and you can’t tell if there is an object in front of you or not, which can kill the momentum of your ride. The only closest thing to a camera change if first-person but it’s through the lens of a Go-Pro camera and it’s extremely shaky and not worth using if you want to ride.

All of the costumes and outfits look great, being easy to unlock them through in game or micro-transaction. I just wished it stopped keeping me in a wingsuit outfit, it looks ridiculous. Speaking of that,  it’s only used cosmetically or to purchase helicopter tickets (which I find no point in using.) As I mentioned before, you can pick between 8 riders, who really know how to make it feel fun. Might I also add, Billy Romero is by far the best. If you’re reading this, please become a voice actor, I will literally buy any game you voice in.

Each Sound Tingles My Spine

The music in this game is really great, mixing both licensed and original works. They even have a nice option to remove the licensed music if you’re going to do a video or live stream the game. The original music is amazing on its own and you can pick your type of genre if you want. The only problem I have is the music rarely comes on which is very weird to do. All of the in-game sounds are so clear and crisp. They nailed everything, even replication how things would sound through the Go-Pro. I really love hearing the snow crunch under me.

That’s All Folks

A game hitting the niche of snow based sports, Steep knows where to hit it. I’m not aiming to do a full blown review of the game. However, a quick summary of the main points Pros: Stunning graphics, amazing audio, and simple controls. Cons: Practically forced to use the menu to travel back up, the camera angle is poor, set-up between story and characters doesn’t really motivate you. Steep is in store for PS4, Xbox One, and PC.