Back in PAX East 2015, After trying to not question why people would buy Street Fighter bikini posters in public, I was roaming around with my friends near the smaller booths. A man with a smile asked my friends and I if we played cards games, which we did. Since it was PAX, I couldn’t just yell ‘wizard’ and throw salt at the man. (But I know you’re one.) He told us about Infinity War and this is where I talk to you about the game.

This is how I remember his face. That evil wizard face. It just screams ‘I dare you to lie to me you mortal’

NOTE: This game says it is still in beta, things can be changed. However, I am writing this as a review because it’s been out for almost 2 years, like cmon. You guys even hold tournaments!

Infinity Wars is created by Lightmare Studios, an Australian game developer. As I mentioned earlier, this is a free to play TCG, following a little bit Magic the Gathering and, in my opinion, a bit of Hearthstone mixed in. The real selling point of this game is that it’s a simultaneous turn-based card game. What that means is that everything happens at once, making you play on a new level of strategy.

Never Stressing About Sleeves

Now before I can get into the gameplay mechanics, let’s talk cards because this is a card game, they’re basically the bread and butter (ink and paper?)  There are 9 purities (a.k.a attributes, colors, or types if you play different card games), each one sporting a different form of play that varies from pure offense to slowly building and buffing up characters, and even using luck and trickery to win. Every single card has an animation on them, which gives them their own flair and personality, especially if one has a story on it. Like every card game, they have their own rarity and what blew my mind the most, foils! I didn’t honestly expect that since out of the 800+ I own only one of them is a foil and even some have different borders.

This is literally my favorite card.

Decks must have least 40 cards with a purity(s) assigned to it. If that confuses you then don’t worry, it is basically deciding what type of deck you’ll create, that can vary from having a deck consisting of one to three types. Thankfully the game finally explains this. Each deck is assigned 3 commanders, which are characters set in the command zone. Speaking of which…

It’s Time to Duel- Whoops Wrong Game

You have four different zones: Command, Support, Assault, and Defense. The command zone serves other uses, the reason you put 3 characters there is to quickly get them on the field, activate some abilities from there (such as dealing damage to enemies,) and buffing them up. These are the common ways I’ve seen people use them. The support zone is where you place characters that are just summoned or don’t want to attack/defend. Assault and Defense zones should be obvious with the names, Assault is for attacking and Defense is for, well, defensing defending.

You can mainly win in 2 ways, knocking your enemy’s health to 0 or their morale to 0. There are even some cards that can have you auto-win the game if you can meet the condition. As I said earlier, the game is simultaneous turn-based, which thanks Lightmare for this, they actually tell you who has priority each turn! Now this isn’t a big deal for online TCGs but anyone who is more used to playing them in real life knows that priority is the biggest nightmare of them all. Especially if you play Yu-Gi-Oh (especially Dueling Network, R.I.P) because Konami expects us all to have a Ph.D. in the English language.

You think reading this is bad? Wait till you find out about how a period can affect card effects.

However, back to the main topic, this mechanic makes this game my favorite TCG out there. You put so much thought into the game and your opponent you end up accidentally trying to figure out how they die, that’s how invested you get into every turn. On top of that, every turn is restricted by the number of resources you have. You start out with one (1) and build each turn until you have ten (10) and more through card effects or using the Trade Post (where you can use your resources for extra help.)

While this game is a TCG, it’s a TCG that actually takes the most skill. I have beaten players with big diamond borders and have gotten destroyed by players that don’t even have a single medal to their profile. It’s all about the mind games and exploiting the holes in your opponent’s deck. I can assure you that you can beat a very good chunk of players and maybe a highly experienced player with a starter deck alone. It’s free to play but not pay to win.

Anything That Sets This Game Apart?

You don’t even know. The game’s tutorial is actually the campaign mode and teaches you everything you need to know while keeping things interesting while giving you a bunch of cards to help you start. Man, just logging in alone gives cards and bonuses if you do it continuously. If that wasn’t enough, buying card packs is crazy cheap (and might I add can be bought with in-game currency) on top of the cosmetic stuff.

This is a TCG that actually has its own story. The game has the Academy, which basically puts you in actual in-game situations. This helps really hone your skills in and show you how deep the mechanics can get so you can use them to your advantage in future games. There are premade bots to help you practice test your deck against 6 types of decks, beware of Puffy.

There is the obvious normal PvP, where you can do Ranked or Normals, you can even just play with premade decks if you want. Although, what has to be the most fun out is Rift Run. Basically. you make a deck with random cards and you just battle until you lose 3 times. If you love to build random decks and make weird things, then this is a game mode I highly suggest.

man in praise
Might as well make it into a religion with how much I’m praising it.

That’s literally every good thing I can say about this game. The only cons is that Rift Run costs an entry fee and that logging in can be annoying with how long it can take, from connecting to servers to always having to enter login info. I don’t see the point in having me log in every time if I’m using my Steam account. Which reminds me, if you don’t want to download the game on Steam then you can just download it straight from the site itself! Also, it was supposed to be on tablets and mobile devices but I guess that idea was dropped?

The only other cons are personal ones. One being it can get really addictive. If it wasn’t for school, this site, and my experiences with Yu-Gi-Oh. I would have dedicated a very unhealthy amount of hours (and money) into this game. I also wish you can play it in real life but sadly it can’t. I really hope this game picks up soon. It’s basically a hidden gem, and it needs to be discovered now.

It even might have changed my opinions on wizards. You can follow me on Facebook where I share stupid things or you can follow me on Twitter where I say stupid things.