There has been a game on the Nintendo E-Shop that I have been eyeing for almost a year. It looks cool, amazing, and whatever else their marketing team wanted me to believe about the game. The only reason I didn’t buy it right away was because it cost 20 bucks and I immediately stopped, reconsidered my life choices, and bought 4 games that added to that amount and had no regrets. Until I needed 20 bucks later on the week. Recently I bought the game for half off and I am here to say… Well, you’ll see what I’ll say.

Code of Princess is developed by Studio Saizensen, who also made Glory of Heracles, it is a hack-and-slash 2D RPG game made for the 3DS and PC. The story is your basic fantasy plot: Your kingdom gets taken over, you’re given an important item with some weird history and you are to take back your home. The difference is you’re a princess… that has the generic “is dumb but helps everyone” anime character trope.

a scantily clad princess who’s gauntlets have more armor than the rest of her outfit but a princess none the less!

The Plot: It’s All About the Characters

The plot isn’t the best, it is rushed and poorly done. I question whether or not the developers knew that because the game doesn’t seem to take itself so seriously. It just felt like “Well… we need something so we can describe it,” and while I say the main character is generic, they do make her interesting. Every character in this game does! In such a decently sized cast, every character’s personality in this game is so different, even down to the extras. Zozo is personally my favorite character out of them all. It’s just annoying when it’ll random glitch and fast forward conversations because the humor is pretty damn good enough to actually get me to laugh.

I can look at this game and just love how many different people they have. I was glad that I was playing a princess that wasn’t held to this idea of being the best , being the representation of every single person in the world or having to prove some worth. While a lot of people would be angry at the fact this was a female lead who was so innocent and bubbly, just trusting anyone she met. They have to remember, this isn’t a damsel in distress. It ‘s a nice reminder that those people exist, they can be a hero and not the victim. I mean the woman survives a whole kingdom literally falling down on her. The only thing I do not is her character design. She is ready to fight and that isn’t an outfit you give to someone like that.

If she has more clothes than your MC, you messed up

It’s Just All Downhill From Here on Out

Now let’s talk gameplay, every fight has a 20-minute time limit with you being able to jump between 3 planes. The RPG aspects allow you level up 6 different traits, but you barely get points, usually you’re forced to invest them into one skill to actually see any effect. The combat on the 3DS is not the best. Everything starts to lag sometimes. Your own abilities can damage you, which makes no sense. This is hack-and-slash and you’re supposed to go crazy with abilities especially if you’re surrounded by enemies. Characters all share the same button inputs with some being unable to do certain commands.

However, it doesn’t matter, you just mindlessly button mash until you’re done. Boss fights aren’t that great, they’re the biggest bore of them all (Unless you fight Juppongi in which you might as well be a complete masochist with how insanely difficult it is!). The music doesn’t make it any more interesting. The only good thing I can say about the game is that killing the leaders immediately ends it and you don’t need to fight leftover enemies. The game also counts it as a win if you die at the same time the boss dies, so that’s a plus… I guess?

I don’t think I’ll ever finish this game sometime soon. The story is tolerable, the characters make it lovable, but the mechanics and gameplay make it horrible. I can’t handle frames dropping or the fact my own abilities can damage and interrupt me with no way of being able to cancel out, predicting their range, or moving away from them. There is no real skill in playing this. I don’t mind simple mechanics but if I can literally spam a knock-back/explosive ability most of the time then I’ll do it and move on with my life.

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