Fighting games have to be the most important genre to the gaming community and perhaps E-Sports. I think it’s just because they drive the real competitive edge we all crave and yet we can equally be so passive about it. So why not praise fighting games by talking about which ones are the best? Because Life.

Number 5: Super Smash Bros Wii U/3DS

This game barely made the cut and I mean barely. I’m not the biggest the SSB fan out there, the last time I owned a Smash game was when Melee was out. Evil Zone  was supposed to be on here but the more I played SSB the more I saw why it is popular. Now I can talk about mechanics and all that nonsense. The real reason SSB got up here was because of the fact it is literally the only game out there in which you can sit with friends and go almost 10 hours of straight playing it.

“I’m never going to buy DLC for Smash,” BAYONETTA JOINS THE FIGHT “God damn it…”

Something about Smash just makes people sit down and go at it for hours on end. Maybe it’s the fact you hear your friend cry out in disbelief of their K.O or those heart pounding moments where you barely just reach the edge of the stage to save yourself. I don’t know, but Smash certainly has it down. I have dug in maybe between 300-500 matches because of playing with friends The only way for it to get any better was if it didn’t have the competitive scene, oops did I just say that?

Number 4: Virtua Fighter 5

A game that will probably never see another installment, Virtua Fighter is the series that no other game can really compete with, especially the 5th one. VF5 is just in-depth as in-depth can be for a fighting game. With such a large roster every character is somehow in their own field of expertise. None are the same. They all have their own style and flair, on top of hidden skills that you can only learn by going through the actual manual! Say whaa?

“Did youuuu take my last slice of chocolate chip cake?”

I can’t really say much for VF5 that hasn’t been said. The game literally speaks for itself and with all the interesting things  you can do in customization to having your own actual commentators! Serious, every fighting game I ever had never had me feeling the EVO treatment. It is seriously the best thing in VF5 when your health is low and you pull an amazing comeback combo to only hear them go apeshit. Just go get. GO GET IT NOW!

Number 3: Soul Calibur 4

It was actually this or Soul Calibur 2 and it wasn’t an easy decision to make. However, Soul Calibur 4 managed to pull ahead minus having Critical Finishes. The whole armor breaking concept, a lot of new character/designs, and all of its extra features make up for it. Everything in SC4, especially the stories, just felt more mature. It was like the series was hitting this beautiful point, a point that did not last very long because of that hot mess they made called Soul Calibur ‘MY SISTER’ 5.

It’s been a while since an actual SC game came out but their Facebook page is now suddenly becoming active again, doing fan-favorite votes, dropping trivia here and there. I mean it’s really nice to see the whole community just chilling and talking on there- Soul Calibur 6 is confirmed! Oh. My. God! It makes so much sense!  SOUL CALIBUR 6 IS CONFIRMED IT HAS TO BE CONFIRMED. SOUL CALIBUR 6TH COMING OUT TOMORROW IT MUST!

“Did you forget about this?” “The community would like to keep forgetting about that,”

Number 2: Tekken 4

“Tekken 4? TEKKEN 4? You’re over here praising and giving so much love to SC and VF and then you pull out Tekken for your number 2? Jon, that doesn’t go in there, you silly BITCH!” It’s not like I’m putting Tag Tournament 2 on the list, even I almost failed a class because of how much I played it. Tekken is one of those few games where seriousness and stupidity are blended in so well.

The best thing about using this picture as an example is that it’s right no matter how you interpret it.

Tekken 4 is no different. I mean it’s the most different type of canon Tekken. The Story Battle is the greatest part of it all. I don’t know what 5 was thinking to remove the fun beat-em-up style but 4 gets it down. Every character’s costume just looked so damn good. The stages were just great with the music, I mean there is so much about Tekken 4 I think I’m going to end up writing a review about it.

Number 1: Blaze-Guilty Gear Xrd -Sign – HAHA!

So if you read my first (and worse) article on this site, it should have been obvious what the number 1 spot was. I just love Guilty Gear to the heart and the fact I basically listed a bunch of 3D games only for a 2D one to make the number one spot says a lot. I’ve played so many 2D games and they’re not just fun or interesting. However, Guilty Gear is the only game to really get me into the 2D fighting scene.

I hate BlazeBlue because it was the reason why GG got put on the shelf for so long (on top of other stupid things). But when Xrd Sign was announced, I honestly almost cried from excitement. Everything was so new, fleshed out, well done, running on a new engine, it was just amazing! I already wrote a review for this game so I’m not going to dive in on explaining why this game hit the number one spot. Praise Guilty Gear and more importantly PRAISE DAISUKE ISHIWATARI for making this franchise.

As legit as legit can be, Sol.

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