Been a while since I did one of these. *Ahem* looking for a new show to watch or at least join in on its rise, I picked one that really hit my interest, Taboo-Tattoo. It’s a Martial Arts anime with supernatural elements, which are these tattoos that have their own special ability, or ‘triggers’ as they call it. The reason these things exist is because it is a part of an arms race between the US and a fictional country? (What?).  Now, in my previous ‘Just Watched’ I actually saw the whole series or almost the whole series. Taboo-Tattoo is only 3 episodes in, soon to be four. Which was the main point of the whole ‘Just Watched’ section, I always judge whether or not an anime is worth my time after 3 episodes (except Gurren Lagann).

So the plot focuses middle-school student, Seigi, who obtains a tattoo after saving a homeless from a bunch of street punks.  Now while Seiji is the typical ‘help whoever needs it’ he is extremely humble about and he reflects his desire of never losing more than 1466415212_1_13_0be6ad30b25d136b00cf3af8fb4ec9b7-2anything else. He also an extremely well trained martial artist, in which I think he is focused on Judo and what I’ll assume is Muay Thai.

But, having the tattoo means he has a target on his back and is constantly monitored by two agents from the U.S. The characters are pretty cool with the typical ass-kicking female, which for some reason I have no problem with them making her look cute and act out of character, and her partner who is pretty chill and is honestly the funniest person out of them all. Oh yeah, Seigi has a friend who has feelings for him and she literally gives no fucks everytime she wants to make that known, good for ya, you do you boo-boo.

While it sounds all serious, the show does have good humor here and there, even in the middle of fight scenes. I just feel like the jokes do ruin the pacing of the fights but with the plot of this show they might not be taking it too seriously? That is the main issue I’m currently having with the show, while shit immediately hits the fan just to make sure the

Seriously, I think I might have finally found an anime that makes me say I have a waifu.

catalyst gets going, it is trying its hardest to force itself to be serious with these insane concepts. It’s not like the Fate series, the tattoos are manufactured and created. They are not placed on someone through a ritual.


It’s serious enough as it is but it doesn’t need to keep going crazy with this stuff. The fighting is well choreographed and I absolutely love color palette with the artwork. The fights are really intense and they know how to direct the camera in the motion of someone actually fighting and give it that ‘oompf’. I love it, I just hope it doesn’t end up becoming a waste. Give it a shot, I say it’s worth it’s worth. I’ll update this article if it starts becoming shit.