About a year ago, I wrote a review for my gaming mouse because I wanted a free mouse pad even though I had about 7 in my house, why? Free is free. I did write an honest review about it, but you can clearly tell it wasn’t very thought out. On top of that, I only used the mouse for about a week before the company reminded me about the free mouse pad if I sent them proof of my review. Fast forward a year and I would like to fix my redeem my review of the mouse. Also, it’s been a while since I spoke about equipment that didn’t have cat ears.

I was honestly a bit nervous to try a brand I never once heard. The only computer accessories I ever bought for my computer, and still 95% of the time still do, is Logitech. However, that was their non-gaming products. I was expecting this mouse to break down like my AULA Keyboard, but seeing how it lasted longer than that thing and how it handled violent nights of me picking it up and slamming it (because I have issues in adjusting to things), I had good faith in it.

It’s Not Sexy and I Know It

Let’s hit the specifications first, the product aims at almost 5 inches long, 2.5 inches at its widest part, and almost 1.5 inches high. That means this is a pretty big mouse but it is the lightest mouse I ever held so far. Its body is designed to fit really nicely into your palm. 20160707_181343_HDR.jpgYour thumb justs so well on the sides and your clicking fingers (index and middle) just rest nice and relaxed, and this is done on both sides for those of you like to use your left hand…. or is left handed, that works too. It does feel uncomfortable for your ring and pinky, forcing you to just hold them close to it or against your middle finger. The side buttons are on the left side of the mouse but cannot be moved to the right side. They sit in between being above your thumb and right under it. The inside parts of the left and right buttons are slightly raised up. Everything feels just so solid.

It has small grooves and a little dip near the first knuckle at the top and the sides have holes and cut out vents to help stop the ability to sweat on it. The material, however, isn’t exactly the best. It’s all plastic that is painted various shades of gray depending on the parts, only the mouse wheel has a plastic coating. Which is a bit of downfall if you really want a secure grip. Even then, the mouse holds so well in your hand it shouldn’t be a problem. The only part that isn’t gray is where the mouse’s light shines, where it is semi-transparent black with texture on it. Even the mouse wheel has texture! On top of all that, it’s a wired mouse with a braided cable, something that is necessary for some reason?Somehow it hasn’t worn down with my pulling,  rubbing it against rough edges, and making press into different angles and surfaces.

But Does it Work, Work, Work, Work, Work, Work?

Now, let’s talk about its nitty-gritty duties. Right off the bat, this device doesn’t need any installation software whatsoever. It is literally plug in and play, just let your computer read the device if it does that sort of thing. The mouse has 3 DPI settings: 600, 1200, and 2000. The button literally sits under in the mouse wheel but it positioned far away from the wheel to be easily accessible but unable to be accidentally clicked on. 20160707_181139_HDR.jpgThe wheel is your typical mouse wheel that really scares me when I click on it. It feels so stiff and hard, I literally changed any keys I had bound to the wheel to the side buttons out of fear of breaking it.

I’ve tried everything I can to mess with this mouse. It can’t spin out, meaning your camera still moves after the mouse stops. It can take a real beating. There is a reason why I keep bringing it up. I literally pick this mouse up and slam it when I have really bad matches and it still doesn’t even have a crack. It’s still responsive if you still lift it up about 1 or 2 CDs high. The way it sounds when it clicks still sounds good and I used to play League of Legends heavily.

That’s all there is to the mouse. There are some downsides to it. If you’re aiming to use this mouse for a long time, expect the DPI button to get stuck at least once. The good thing is you can fix it with a toothpick. The paint where the thumb rests lasted 7-8 months after heavy use and it really sticks onto your thumb when it comes off. The palm rest is starting to show its wear and so is the other side. 20160707_181125_HDR.jpgThe mouse isn’t as bright as they advertise it in their pictures, no matter how dark where you are. The DPI doesn’t glow and the light isn’t seeable in the vents unless you position the mouse, even then you can barely see it. The wheel lacks the ability to infinite scroll.

Buy, Save, or Wait?

Buy it. If you’re really looking to get a cheap but very effective gaming mouse, then this is it. It fits well into those with large palms. Light and responsive. Ambidextrous friendly-ish, curse you non-movable side buttons. Obviously, for $20 it’s not going to be as crazy as something from Logitech or Razor but it really does get the job done.

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