Who remembers Crush Hour? That WWE game where you drive around and gun each other down as pro-wrestlers. If you don’t know what I’m talking about, look it up. That game still gives me a great warm and tingling feeling when I think about it (or it could be the piñon I had earlier today). So, it came to my surprise when I download a game called Hardware Rivals and my expectation of a hacker type game turns out to be an online-multiplayer vehicular combat game. I lost my shirt. No really, I think I lost a shirt the same day.

With four different vehicles, six maps, and five game modes (one of them switches every weekend), you really can’t get bored in this game. While you can use a primary weapon of your choosing, you really rely on using your secondary weapon which can only be accessed through power ups around the field. The maps offer different types of terrains to drive through, hide, and maneuver around. The only problem with it is that nothing really changes on each map. You still have the same control over your vehicle which is nice but sort of ruins a bit of a challenge.

The only time maps become challenging is when you hit a power-up that causes the area to freak out. That’s when you definitely need to race to the safe zone which doesn’t really become safe when you have 2 teams crowded inside and fighting each other. It’s a nice spin during a match’s downtime, when no one is managing to score kills easily. The music is bland, it’s just there as background noise while you’re racing around the map. Customization comes through leveling up: both gameplay and cosmetic wise, each having their unique property.

Every controls nice and smoothly except for the aiming, which is a bit stiff. Different vehicles have their different properties while characters happily yell about blowing you to pieces. That’s all I can say really, I don’t’ see why the game has currently gotten negative reviews. It’s honestly worth a try but I guess I’m not famous enough to be considered validating.

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