Developed by Grasshopper Manufacture, who also brought you No More Heroes and Lollipop Chainsaw. The game is a bit old, made in 2012 and has been on my wish list for a while. Now that I got to play it, I have to write about it, because that’s the point of this website.

This game is short, I mean really freaking short. You play as New Japan’s 2nd president, Shoko, who is also a high school girl. Why? Because Japan. You’re fighting off an invading country who is stealing the land’s resources because Japan totally has such things?  And how do we handle intrusion of another country? Using a big ole’ mech to fight them, that’s how. Glad your parents raised you right.

Liberation Maiden Sexy 2.jpg
Although, obviously games like this always have a well developed secondary plot.

That’s literally the premise of the game, no joke. It’s just a high pace mech shoot ’em up and it’s pretty fun and intense. It works a bit like Kid Icarus where you use the stylus to aim/fire while using the stick to move around. It’s equally as painful as well.  It’s pretty repetitive: Find the 3 spikes, destroy them, go to the big spike, destroy it, and then next level. But even the devs knew this and added extra elements to give the game a bit of variety: with stealth elements and random side missions are two examples.  However, the boss battles (the big spikes) is where it’s at in this game. They’re all so different and challenging in their own ways. Even on Normal, they’re so fricking hard especially the 3rd and 5th fight where I literally spent almost 20 minutes trying to beat.

I just don’t like how pre-boss battles there is a lot of unnecessary dialogue. They constantly remind you to ‘go destroy the spike and then go find another one’. It wouldn’t be this bad if they didn’t stop the game to talk about it or do this every time you destroy a spike. Like I said before the control is painful too, my hands hurt thinking about it. On top of that, it ends on an awesome cliffhanger that makes you wish there was more.

Sort of reminds me of this example.

It’s really short and gives a lot of replayability because of the gallery and the things to unlock in it through challenges. I say play it for one of those quick and fun games but don’t get it unless you really don’t mind shelling out 8 bucks for it. I say just get someone else to buy it for you or wait for a sale. The length is not worth it at the price, but it is up to you on how the replayability would factor in.