Almost every FPSer game now follows a formula: faster gameplay equals more intensity. It’s not about sitting back and planning, just run in and kill. Ubisoft’s Siege, however, turned the dial back for one of the most intense and heart-pounding FPS games today. Back in October, I played this game in Beta. Now it’s December and the final product is out. So get your breaching charges ready, and your nitro cells armed, it’s time to talk about Rainbow Six Siege.

Aesthetics: We don’t need to look like the future.

When you’re first starting the game, you are dropped right in the game selection. The menu is pretty clear about everything and even explains to you what each tab is for your first time. The background of the screen is simple and not bothersome. You can easily navigate everything without a problem and go into great customization of the game through the option’s menu. Where you can even choose what maps you want, game modes, and HUD preferences.

The HUD is really easy to read. Timer and players up to with the bottom having a list of what each button does. This helps a lot where: A) You don’t have to guess and figure out where each equipment is assigned and B) You don’t need to memorize everything which helps you focus more easily. Small things like who is speaking and kill feed that come up are not a bother and don’t distract you. The game runs at a solid 60FPS for PS4.

UI so clean I tried to put food on it so I can eat

Gameplay: Tread lightly

The controls are that of a simple FPSer with extra button inputs. The thing that sets Siege apart from everything else is its necessity of communication, careful planning, and important use of environment and sound. Weapons and explosives play vital roles in how you control the field and gather information. Planning stages use drones to scout for objectives if you’re on the offensive. On the defensive end, you are to fortify your position and kill any drones that are wandering through the building.

From there it’s anything goes, with you and your team constantly adapting searching and trying to execute stick to a plan. You’re easy to drop unless you’re stacking heavy armor, even then it is still scary to leave yourself exposed even a bit.  It adds more pressure knowing you’re on a time limit to complete the objective or kill everyone. 4 minutes to be exact.

While you may argue that this game is actually matching other FPSers in fast pace gameplay through a shorter time, it doesn’t. It’s meant to punish you for going in fast and reckless if you do not have a plan. Enemies lurk in every area possible. Depending on how well your team can predict and read the situation, a match can last from a 1 minute and a half to the whole round. Everything shifts, you can go from intense gun fights to long intervals of players getting picked off.

Good thing you don’t die from inhaling dust from the debris

You have to think ahead of time and try to gather info in this game to know what you’re against. Every second of intel gathering is vital in this game. You constantly curse every piece of equipment being destroyed,  because you’ll never know when you’ll need it. A jammer is useful to stop intel gathering but a shock drone comes out and destroys it from a distance, the enemy can easily send out a new batch of drones and the information needed and proceed to end you.

The game supports other modes such as a situation tutorial, letting you get a feel of the operators and handing you objectives to complete for extra ‘renown ‘ in which you can use to unlock operators, personalize their weapons and skins. Other game types include Terrorist Hunt which involves players playing against enemy AI in the same type of matches in PvP the only difference is there are about 2o+ more enemies than your team.

Buy, Save, or Wait?

Minus the lack of story, minor bugs here and there, Rainbow Six Siege is worth buying. Ubisoft knew what they were doing with this game and set itself apart from the competitors. Everything runs solid and smoothly, each class is unique within their own design. Matches are shifting in intensity and players know how to communicate and pick up quickly on ideas and plans making for a true test of skill. I hope to see this game in a competitive format.

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