Last year (or 2014 for those of you in the future) while stumbling around DeviantArt, I came across a very awesome photo. It was where I found out that this is an actual thing, a thing that can be funded to come to life. I put down my money and funded these bad boys. A couple days ago, my headphones came in and I’ve been testing them out.

Design: Meow Meow

These Cat Ear Headphones (CEH) are extremely flexible. They can be folded in, cups can be turned around, flipped upside down, and can be set to play your speakers without having to put them into an awkward angle. The designers really knew what they were doing and really listened to their backers’ feedback when asked what they wanted on for these headphones. I put a few photos to show them off. The quality feels great, they don’t feel fragile, everything is nice and study. The cushions don’t bother and cup well around your ears. However, they feel quite heavy and if you put them around your neck, they honestly feel like a neck brace from their size. You gotta adjust them to let your head get some movement.


Audio: I think I found the purrfect headphones. (Don’t kill me)

The devices I tested these on were my computer, PS4, tablet(Hisense), and my phone (LG G4). I used my usual taste in music: Rock, classical, and electronic. I must say they make everything sound great. The bass was deep and powerful, while the treble are the clearest I ever heard in headphones. I feel they even outdid my G35 and those babies are 7.1 surround sound. The speakers can handle maxed volume on devices and can really out match those weird tiny external speakers.


Flaws: Yeah…

On my phone, the audio seems to be a bit worse. However, I’m holding it more to my phone because the quality of these headphones were amazing on all my other devices. On both Mac and PC, you can’t play the audio out of the speakers if you’re connected to a computer.

The mic on the CEH isn’t the best out there. I tested them out on my phone, computer and PS4. With and without the mic attachment, it wasn’t very good and that was a bit disappointing. I sounded too low, or I sounded fuzzy when I spoke. I even questioned if the mic switched to the attachment when I plugged it in.  Although honestly, these are more for listening to music than talking, the mics were a little extra feature.


They’re worth the investment. They’re unique, flexible, contain many features, and audio quality is superb. The price is incredibly cheap too with all the stuff I talked about. If you want them, they’re being sold on Brookstone. Just click here if you want to get your pre-order on.

If the creators are reading this by any chance, keep up the great work! If you ever plan on releasing more products, just know you got yourselves a guaranteed buyer.