Catching up on some of the free PSN Plus games I downloaded last month, I couldn’t help but be happy to see that one of the freebies was a co-op game. Kitten Squad was the only thing I read and it looked nice and adorable. In my head, this would look like a great game for my nephews and me to play along with my girlfriend when we get bored of LBP. That was until I saw the PETA logo and immediately. Lost. My. Shit.


Plot: Simplicity.

Now first things first, animals deserved to be treated right and all that good stuff. Just don’t force it down my throat and throw red paint at me for disagreeing for ‘not really caring’ because I still eat da meat. Now this is a PETA game, meaning all know what it’ll focus on: Save the animals. Which is perfectly fine, you play as a small kitty cat, going up to a couple of animals for quests  and bounties. The point of these things? Well, you kill troublesome robots and help your animal friends. That’s literally as simple as it can be. I have nothing really to go into on this.

Presentation: Took me a while to notice.

I said this in the intro, I thought this game looked cute. Keywords: ‘Thought’ and ‘looked cute’.  At a glance (or with blind rage) it looks super adorable until you start taking a really close look when you leave the hub world. You slowly realize that the robots look oddly familiar to farmers, slaughter equipment, and even dogs? (Wait what?) And with each level you pass through, the PETA starts to show. You are walked through slaughterhouses, open ranges, and other types of areas that make farms seem depressing and ‘evil’.  However with the bright bouncy tone of the game along with the music, you can’t notice it.

While we’re touching on the music, it is unbearably poorly crafted. It’s constantly looping and doesn’t really shift where you go and if it did change then it really wasn’t done well enough to be anything significant to be just considered a part of one track that loops over and over and over.


I feel safer knowing his opinion on the ‘artistic’ representation in this game.

Gameplay: Well then…

Mechanics are boring,  weapons make a dead monkey more enjoyable to use, and the developers need to look up the word difficulty. While the whole thing is solid, not buggy, glitchy or anything that we see in almost every AAA game, it ruins it with how it plays. The game is like most top-down shooters (You read that right). You start with a weapon and pick up drops from enemy kills, grabbing coins to pimp your kitty out, and just fight your way through.

All you do is point and shoot, while fighting insane numbers of enemies or really tanked up enemies. Wanna know the funny part about that part? THE DAMN ENEMIES AREN’T EVEN HARD! Entering a room, or field I suppose, you are immediately swarmed by a shit ton of them. Once you get away, it is literally easy to kill them all without a single problem especially if you have the zap gun or the rocket launcher. Once you get those, you’re all set. I’m serious, you have nothing else to do in the game but run around with those weapons and be OP. (Overpowered)

The levels don’t offer anything fun. Also here is the all time selling point of this game: IT HAS FUCKING MICRO-TRANSACTIONS! Even if it is just for appearance, WHY? JUST WHY? I seriously tried hard to not rip on this game because it was PETA. I honestly never even finished because of the fact after the whole Pokemon Black & Blue ‘treasures’, careful when clicking that. I did not want to deal with that for the night.


Someone must be yelling that PETA would never store money in a leather wallet.

Opinion: Are you seriously asking?


Don’t get it unless you really want to be more bored than before you got it.