So yeah, it should be obvious what this post is about and what I will be talking about. I’ve beaten the raid a couple of times; I know I should have written something about it but this is Destiny we’re talking about. It’s pretty hard to let go, the Stars Wars article I wrote was literally written the servers were down. So yay on my part for not trying to hold off on my addiction to this game. But, I beat the raid and it is time to talk about it.

Like I said in my review of the Taken King, Bungie has come back swinging with full force, and now that I have played the raid, the DLC is flawless. The King’s Fall, which is the name of the raid, is a fusion of the previous raids. Exploration reminds you of Vault of Glass but with the eerie hive feeling all around you which makes it more mysterious. You can really question what every spot could be holding for you. Players looking from top to bottom for secrets and stories. While that is a great thing to have, the bosses are tricky, being mechanic focused just like Crota’s End but actually making sense. You’re really focused on working smart and timing things well with communication.

It’s like Bungie really did take a look at what they wanted to do in this game and needed to look at the good and bad of the other raids. The raid starts slow, picking up more and more speed towards each boss you fight. You really do get a sense of accomplishment when you get past every single part, from simple jumping puzzles to timing kills for extended DPS on bosses. Nothing holds a negative attitude unless you keep losing to it a thousand times, but that’s everyone.

Even to the last fight you have with Oryx, you can really tell that everyone is on the edge. As if we all have something on the line for this and we can’t afford to mess up because it’ll be all over for us. You even feel the same when looking back at the raid, like it dwells on you in a great way. Hopefully I can run it with my Titan then my Warlock to see how bad I will do with them. King’s Fall redeemed the bad taste Crota’s End left in our mouths and made us all addicted to what awaits for the future of the next two DLCs.