So, who remembers hearing so many people and companies make jokes about Destiny not having a story? Well Bungie did, and they were not happy with your jokes. TTK was the trump card that Bungie decided to pull out and say ‘HEY! There’s a damn story in this game and you want to keep making jokes then here are a lot of things in store for you” While the House of Wolves brought into the act of betrayal and making those who turned on the Reef suffer. TTK was set for you to reap what you’ve sown in the Dark Below (+10 points for name dropping the article title.)

Plot: So Damn Delicious.

As I said, you are seeing the consequences of what you did in the first DLC. Crota’s father caught wind of what you’ve done and has now set eyes to finish his son’s job. Destiny has never been one for many story quests to follow but in this DLC you are swamped in the best ways possible. Your story isn’t something quick and easy, it’s packed and stacked up with a lot of work for you and your guardian. The Taken are vicious, cunning, and fast.  Every step you take is filled with Oryx’s anger and a room filled with an increasing army. TTK makes you understand your actions and makes you fear the consequences. I won’t go into detail about most of the story line but expect a lot of questions and what could be hinted in futureDLC.

The only issue I have with this DLC is it still focuses on one guardian to save them all. The Wolves made the story feel that everything is around guardians, not a guardian. You have a squad in the reef to speak to and for the most part it does emphasize as group. TTK has you do all the work, the Vanguard makes only you do things, there is no emphasis on a team but one man stopping a king. Other than that, NPCs are being a bit more fleshed out with how they speak and act with one another. You get enjoyable trivia at times about allies and enemies, what they know, and how they feel just from the way they speak.

Gameplay: Work hard, get paid.

For many, many, many reasons I am literally not going to dive into every single thing that Destiny had changed in this DLC. I’m not kidding, it is so much work and I will hit on important topics. Starting off first, lets talk about leveling up and drops. The game use to run on a system of hitting level 20 and earning equipment with light on them. For you newbies, light is used to determine you attack and defense in the game. In Year One, you would have to collect raid armor to actually hit the max light.

In Year Two however, light is now determined by adding up all your gear and averaging it out. This opened up for a lot of flexibility for what you want to wear. Any purple item can be ‘infused’, meaning you take apart an item with higher light and put it into an item with lower light. No more constant discarding for bigger and better, it became more “If you love it, buff it. If you hate it, shred it”. It’s really a great mechanic, I stick to factions (Dead Orbit FTW) and I can finally keep my gear and just keep bumping it up. Atem, my main guardian, is averaging on 293 light, all because of the fact I can upgrade the equipment instead of praying for a high roll.

I just dislike the fact that faction gear have changed their unique properties from the stores. Each faction focused on two of the three skills while Vanguard gear was equally focused on all three. Now they’re all like Vanguard, which like I said, takes the unique value of each faction.

PvP has been finally balanced. It seems that Bungie may have killed the Thorn in progress with the balancing. I haven’t seen a single Thorn in any of my PvP matches or even in feeds. I cry with joy and excitement knowing that we can all finally catch up and use our own favorite gun and not rage at a Thorn player.  Auto rifles are back while the other gear have been slightly tweaked for their states, mostly range and stability. The new game mode Rift has surely offered some of the most competitive joy out there. I don’t play PvP often and I will tell you right now, Rift is the only one that I am willing to play even if I don’t get legendary marks.

So, is The Taken King worth it? If you have Destiny or are looking into playing the game, yes. It finally picks up the pace of Destiny that other players called ‘slow, pointless, and nothing there story wise’. It serious made me put off 3 weeks of working on this site and staggered my work in school a bit with how much time and effort I had to put in. Even now I have yet to fully finish the game completely due to the raid being such a pain, but expect my experience about it in the future. Destiny’s The Taken King costs $40. If you want to buy the game and all the expansions it will cost $60.