Hey there everyone. It’s the Uninformed Gamer and I just finished playing some. JET. SET. RADIOOOO. Ahem, sorry. It’s just such a great title to yell at times. So, I just finished playing JSR or JGR. I don’t know why the title was changed and I frankly do not care enough to google it right now .

This game was for the Dreamcast, a console older than I and maybe you? Maybe you. I bought it on Humble Bundle for $1.24, I don’t know if the sale is still going, and I gotta say I enjoyed it. The game is about tagging (doing graffiti) and skating in Tokyo. You’d think it would simply be that but you get involved in turf wars, escaping cops and more things that I don’t wanna spoil if you’re down to play.

You can feel a bit of the old mechanics but I don’t know if the version I have is remastered or not. I would guess so since it has a 1600×900 option but who knows. I really got into the game just for the music I heard and man that’s how good you know the music is if you buy a game for it. So back to the main topic: The game runs pretty smooth, with tutorial showing how to play etc. Things felt nice and easy, characters were all different, you even had options to make your tags.

It had more detail than I expect but obviously you can see the old JPEG style backgrounds on certain sections. While the game has its jagged shapes, it really suited the style. Something about all the funky colors, the hip-hop attitude and just how the game is all around suits it so well. However the game is pretty damn short, like really short. I beat it in only 5 hours.

It’s not an amazing that you’ll lose your mind over but it sure is a fun one. I enjoy it, and I liked just zoning out to the game. You just skate, do graffiti, and listen to nice beats. It reminded me of how I tried to be a tagger; you sit with your jams, drawing and sketching here and there. I say the game is worth the buy, especially with the ongoing sale on Humble Bundle. So pick it up, and if it’s not on sale well you should have found this article faster.