So with the Taken King arriving in seven days (*happy squeal* ) a lot of things were talked about how Destiny will be greater than before. In it, they described how faction changes, vault space, new weaponry, vault space, better weapon balances, and even fixing the Random Number Generator or RNG for short. That alone made Destiny notorious, oh and vault space. Am I the only one who finds the need of more vault space useless, especially hyping up for it?


Then again, maybe Deej agrees too?

“Every RPG game has a RNG system, what makes it so important that Destiny’s was notorious and needed to be fixed?” This RNG inspired so many memes and it united the community more through hatred first, the game second. This system was supposedly ‘unfair’, ‘cruel’, very ‘unreliable’ and ‘poorly made’. This thing alone had made some players quit, give up on doing raids or hate the game in the end because ‘it sucks’.  Every guardian at the end of every raid all sat in the Vault: disappointed, angry, holding back the tears of the pain and suffering of how real the grind was. Unless you were that one guy hollering around the area because you finally got your last piece or weapon you wanted and not cared about how they felt. (You know who you are.)


What I thought about when people said they would stop playing.

I really hope you’re catching the quotations but in case you are not looking into it (or did not even take a guess at what the title is suggesting) Bungie shouldn’t change the game’s RNG system. Now let me make sure you read that correctly, I said they shouldn’t change it. “Damn you’re really uninformed!” “What kind of Destiny were you playing?” “I LOST MY FAMILY BECAUSE OF THAT RNG” okay, you should seek some help if that happened. As for the others, the name is a joke, and I was playing the same game on my PS4 because I don’t like Xbone.

Remember how I described RNG system two paragraphs ago? That is the same reference I use when it comes to life (sometimes) and that’s how I always interpreted the RNG system. It’s the reflection of the struggles in life when we all work for something. We all work hard for what we want and in the end we either get it or we don’t. Saving up money for something? Oh no, something happened and now you need to use it. Bought some scratch tickets to win big? Whoops, better luck next time. Sticking up for your friend back in elementary school because you would think the 5th graders would back off but in the end you ended up getting into so many fights on and off the buses. Okay, that was a bit specific but still.


Every day after that was a fight for survival until summer vacation.

Now, almost all of you cannot deny this: Getting to level 27 and finally doing the Vault of Glass, felt freaking amazing. Seeing those numbers quickly made you start posting in groups, pages, forums, and using sites to look for a team to help you run through it. The excitement of knowing all the work you’ve done finally paid off big time. You were going to play with the big kids and beat that vault. Now, how about this one: Every time you think about how you got a Gjallarhorn gives you the best feeling out there and makes your heart sing. Every single raid, with every single character, from normal to hard. It was your mission to get what you wanted: gear, weapons, or like my friend, really get that sparrow for some weird reason.

Every time you were rewarded with something you wanted, it felt right. You knew that your time finally came and that you were properly compensated. It works exactly like life, every step you took to the Vault was rewarding, from finally entering it, to beating oracles, sneaking past gorgons, finding the relics and defeating Atheon. Every win and lose motivated you more in the game: for pride, riches, or fame. We rallied behind each other, learned the lives of these ‘randoms’ that slowly became apart of our family. We lent every beginner, veteran, person who could never beat the Vault, and others out there: our guns, hands, and experience.

Do you know what really made us get like this? Do you know what system in the game got us to be together without forcing a single thing onto us? R.N.G. The system you hated the most brought you and I together. While I know I am just referencing the Vault of Glass, the same feeling goes towards Crota, and Prison of Elders. RNG was still present in them. While Crota was shorter (and kind of a let down at the same time), and the PoE was difficult and tiring, but spiced things up as well. We all sought one another for help; to get our chest pieces, our black hammers, and our Fallen weapons but only in the end to know the people we found were more valuable than the weapons bestowed upon us.


I am not comparing the game to anything. This quote just works really well. Please don’t kill me.

I know what I wrote sure as hell won’t change anything but making this site and being a gamer especially a fan of Destiny, I couldn’t help but express my feelings about how I will feel about Year Two. The struggles and hardships I faced alone and with friends through this game were something no game could ever make me feel. I’m sure there are some who feel the same way as I do about the RNG being changed, and hopefully I voiced your opinions very well. See you when the Taken King come out.