img000001Someone I write with online recently got me into this anime due to him wanting to do some writing based on the plot of this show. I watched and I got to say holy shit, what a show.  So what the show opens up to is a an otaku named Yoji Itami, who’s heading to a convention. During the trip a weird portal opens up in Ginza, Japan and thousands of soldiers flood the city with freaking dragons and goblins!

People are getting massacred, cops can’t fight them and Itami steps up and actually kills a soldier running at a cop. Really weird but then again it could make sense. Although the weird part is how he actually goes to random police station where they’re talking to the cops and telling to let people into the imperial palace so they wouldn’t die and they actually listen to him. Sort of, ya know B.S in my opinion but he saves thousands of lives with that plan, the army comes in and obviously wipes out the enemies.Itami_head

Yeah, this is the face of a man who killed someone. I believe it.

From there after everything has settled down, Itami is praised and is even recruited to the military up to the rank of second lieutenant. (wtf?) So the plot follows that Japan secures the portal that they call the ‘Gate’ (eeey,) send the Japanese Special Defense Forces or JSDF (EEEEEY) through it to seek compensation over the Massacre of Ginza, is that what they call it? No, but that what I’ll call it so shut up.

After that I won’t go too much into but, the show mixes the world of fantasy and modern into one. When I say fantasy I mean like old school knights and kings, mages, elves, and all that jazz. So it’s pretty obvious what happens when they fight Japan’s JSDF, ya know…people with guns…and bombs. Fights happen out of blue, you see the struggles of language barriers, the idea of pride and deception coming into play. It’s nice, but even then the simple silliness of the Japanese characters are comforting because you know it’s scary that they have to be stationed in a new world, trying to figure things out and seek peace and be compensated.


Hopefully her head being mounted on a spike will be part of compensation.

I like this show, I do. Would I recommend it? Yeah, it’s not for crazy praise but it is something to get into. The motives of characters are a bit weird, how some events happen in the show and are portrayed. I don’t know how things will play out but the first season is almost done, I think? It’s like on Ep. 10 so I’m pretty sure.